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May 31 2008

5/31 CKS Hall

The square between the opera and concert halls was awash with students and other young people, marching bands, military recruitment groups and dancers when I arrived on Saturday morning. Our usual spot was filled with other tai-chi practitioners, so I called Teacher Xu to find out where our group had gone, but he hadn’t arrived yet. I walked up the steps and found Mr. V sitting against the wall, and after a while NL guy walked up, and they began to wrestle among the hiphop dancers.

Teacher Xu and his son got there later, but the space was so filled with other groups there wasn’t anything for me to do but stretch until Teacher Xu got me and Mr. V doing tuishou. Mr. V was, shockingly, trying to be more soft and nuanced in his style, something I was really pleased to see from him, and I think he can do it if he applies himself. Maybe being thrown around and bruised by NL Guy had an influence on his attitude.

Afterwards, most of the people had cleared out, and I was able to run through my forms, which felt good after the claustrophobic feeling of the area earlier in the day. Heading off to Sababa’s for lunch after a decent workout is a good feeling.

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