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May 25 2008

5/24 Taichi

I’ve been feeling tired lately, and have missed a few practices, so I decided I had to go to the CKS Hall practice on Saturday. That morning we were joined by belly dancers with little hand-bells. I worked a bit on my form as the No-lose guy and a newer student from a competition background went at it. That was a recipe for violence, I thought, and I wasn’t wrong. The competition guy got himself backed into all sorts of corners, and of course No-lose wouldn’t back down. At one point he was still going after the competition guy even after the latter was on the ground. I just had to shake my head at that.

Teacher Xu was telling us to concentrate on “rooting” our own feet and not to focus on the feet of our opponent. It does seem to help quite a bit; I think I can feel a difference, even when Teacher Xu is pushing me. I practiced with the UPS guy for a while, which was pretty useful. Then it was No-lose’s turn, and I managed to keep it as civil as I could, although he not only gave me a pummeling, he actually even went for my neck once, which I thought was pretty low. He even said to me, “You’re being too polite!” I refrained from telling him that I was being just exactly polite enough, and that he was the one who was being extremely rude. It wouldn’t have done any good, as he would then lecture me on how tuishou actually was supposed to be, etc.

Last up was Mr. V, who was completely, utterly inflexible. I mentioned this to him, and he softened up a bit, but he is still all about pure, unmoving rigid force. I find it strange that he can make this work, even after all this time, but somehow he’s managed.

After everyone left I went through my sword forms a few times. I felt better after practice, as usual. I need to do more work on my own.

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