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Jan 12 2008

1/10 tuishou

Yang Qing-feng was practicing his sword form without his sword, which I found interesting to watch. I might try doing that sometime, to see if I can project my energy without the blade actually being there. It gave me some ideas, anyway.

Teacher Xu had to grab some people and tell them to practice with me. First up was Weeble, who is still resorting to the quick shove strategy. I really need to figure out a way to react better to that. He also tried some quick pulls, but I nearly balled him almost every time, so he gave that up. “Step away from me when you do that!” he told me. After that I tried pushing with a rather new guy, and got to practice my backstance for a long time, which became rather tiring.

I missed practice on Saturday due to a late gig on Friday night combined with the fact that I had to go vote in the legislative elections.

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