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Jul 06 2007

WLT magazine

World Literature TodayI made a trip to the post office today, something I do more rarely these days as email takes care of 99% of my communications. My great-aunt Eva is the only person I know who doesn’t use email, so we correspond the old-fashioned way, her in crazy handwritten notes and me with extra-large fonts. In addition to the multitude of letters from my alma mater asking for money, I found a copy of the July/August issue of World Literature Today. They’d asked me if they could use my photos a while ago, and I said ok as long as I got credit. I then forgot all about it.

My photography is on the front cover, on the inside flap, and sprinkled liberally throughout the rest of the magazine. They got my name and website correct on the first instance, but somehow changed it to “T.J.” and cited my film site in later references. I’m curious why so many people skip from TC to TJ so readily. It happens all the time, but I’m at a complete loss as to why.

In other news, I got together with Chalaw and Andrew at David’s last night for some extra rehearsal before Hohaiyan on Sunday. It’s going to be a long day; they’re picking me up at 6:15am so we can make it to Fulong for the sound check. We should be on stage a little after 6pm, until 7 something.

Andrew, whose slight figure makes me doubt that Dunkin’ Donuts paid his firm in actual donuts for its design of their website, turned me on to a brass-themed band called Beirut, which is headed up by a young trumpeter named Zach who was inspired by his travels throughout Europe. The music has a gypsy air to it, if Yann Tiersen were a gypsy. In any case, how could I not love this kind of music, especially with a line of trumpets playing with especially disconcerting vibrato?

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  1. congrats!

    Comment by Daniel — July 10, 2007 @ 10:15 am

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