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Aug 16 2007

Teh music, it dies

It looks like my trusty iRiver H320, which has served me well and faithfully these past couple of years, is having problems holding its charge over a single day. When I asked the iRiver outlet at K-Mall about it, they mentioned that iRiver is releasing a new 20/40Gb player in December. If I can’t get a reasonably priced battery replacement for the H320, the only choices I will have will be a Creative product or another iPod. The reason I ditched my last iPod was due to lack of FM, recording, usable disk space and inferior audio quality. Aside from the disk space, I don’t think they’ve addressed these issues, and besides, buying an iPod now, with a wide touchscreen version supposedly on the doorstep, would seem pretty foolish.

But I gots to have teh music, as books aren’t always convenient on the subway or when walking around as I keep bumping into things as I read. Though technology has come a long way in recent years, I’m still waiting for the Great Mythical Convergence Device appearing in a pocketable form that has all the photography features of my Canon powershot, the audio features and sound quality of the iRiver H320, video playback quality of the iPod video, GPS, Wifi, 3.5G communications, a keypad, tilting screen and oodles of gigabytes in storage. The closet I’ve found to this so far is HTC’s upcoming P4550 “Kaiser”, though the camera doesn’t come close, memory is limited to a micro SD card’s 4 or eventually 8gb, and who knows what battery life is like with all of those applications running. There’s the HTC Shift, but it’s just too damn big. Perfect for the occasional Wandering of Europe, I guess, but not for daily use between home and work computers.

(By the way, I’ve recently discovered, via Facebook, that my old college friend Victor Cheung is now running a tech website out of Hong Kong called Hong Kong Phooey. Vic was a wild man in college; it’s good to see he’s settled down to quietly preparing to take over the city via technology instead of the usual debauchery.)

So anyway, even the Kaiser isn’t quite the be-all/end-all device I seek, and it’s not even out yet. For now, I’m afraid I’ll have to continue hauling around my Canon, the Nokia phone I bought in Beijing and either the iRiver with a cheap new battery or some questionable replacement until the new iRiver and iPod come out.

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  1. Thanks for referring. BTW, was I really that wild back in school? LOL

    Comment by Hong Kong Phooey — August 19, 2007 @ 11:11 pm

  2. It was Lexington; we were all wild. How could any normal person not be considered wild in that ultra-conservative environment?

    Comment by Poagao — September 4, 2007 @ 5:10 am

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