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Sep 26 2007

9/26 Tuishou

Welcome to what Teacher Xu tells me is my 45th entry in this account. I wasn’t keeping track, but Teacher Xu has a nifty little Sony Clie PDA that does, seemingly, everything, including counting how many post I have in my blogs.

I started out pushing with the new guy who started a month or so ago. He is still easy to push, a job that practically does itself, but he’s learning some things, so I adjusted my strategy slightly, which he noticed and commented on. Where before all I had to do was wait for him to fall over on his own accord, now there’s some actual defense going on.

Then I went straight to pushing with Not-China Guy, who seemed eager to give the rest of the class a repeat performance of throwing me around from Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the mood, so his efforts, which redoubled when the Tree-root Master was watching us push, were largely in vain. All those ppp’s, gone to waste. Oh, well.

That was all the pushing I did, sitting around, crushing leaves from the plants near the court, wondering if they were mint or not, and going through forms for the rest of the time, but I felt a bit better afterwards. I usually feel the hump of Wednesdays, and tuishou practice usually brings me out of it somewhat.

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