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Oct 28 2007

Gallery night

taxi weatherBetween tai-chi practice and the resistance-is-futile nature of the weather on Saturday, I didn’t get much done. In fact, I thought I might even be late for my own photo exhibit at Bobwundaye, so I splurged for a cab over from Bitan.

Turns out I shouldn’t have worried. When I arrived, the place was deserted except for a bored-looking foreigner sitting at the bar. I ordered a CC-ginger ale and sat down for bit. Then I looked at the photos hung up on the wall. The lights didn’t quite manage to fully illuminate them, but they looked pretty good. The terrible framing job caused ripples, however. I won’t be going back to that frame shop again. Which isn’t too big of a problem as there are 34 just like it on the same street.

After a while a group of women, including Chris, arrived, and sat down at the table in the back. I sat down next to them, feeling awkward as I didn’t really know any of them except for Chris, who disappeared into the bathroom. Was I interrupting some kind of “hen party” or whatever it is called when women get together and talk about female issues? I had no idea. I’m not much of a talker anyway, so I pretty much sat there and nodded.

Other people began to arrive, some of whom I knew, such as Maurice, Wayne, Mark and Gaby, and many I didn’t. I had no idea if they were there for the photos or just there or drinks. The Ramblers were all there, including a surprisingly stylish Thumper. It was now officially a Party.

I got a few inquiries about purchasing photos, but I hadn’t really thought out a sales strategy and didn’t close any deals. I also got a few questions about things like “inspiration” and “meaning,” and I pretty much explained that I had simply seen things I found visually interesting and taken pictures of them. I find it odd that other people don’t see the same things, but I can’t really explain it. In all honesty, it’s hard to feel that great of a sense of accomplishment as photography isn’t difficult or hard work for me. It’s just something I do and get pleasure from. It’s gratifying that some people seem to enjoy the results, but it’s not like filmmaking or writing a story, where you actually have to put effort and forethought into your project. I suppose, in musical terms, filmmaking is like the trumpet, which I spent a lot of time learning, while photography is more like the washtub bass, which I just seem to…do. And I have fun with both.

Speaking of music, by and by we Ramblers picked up our instruments and played a few songs, which the crowd seemed to enjoy. We played and drank until well after midnight, and no police disturbed the show for once. I’d had just enough alcohol, not too much, so I wasn’t terribly interested in the whiskey shots Kat was handing out, but in deference to the work she and the other staff members put into the exhibit, I downed it and pitched past buzzing into Trunk Derritory.

But it was a talkative drunk, and I chattered to Sandman and Jojo all the way back to Bitan in the taxi, my spirits buoyed by all the people coming to see the photos, hear us play, drink and have a good time. The whole thing was a success, if I dare say so myself.

Ironically, I didn’t get any photos of the event.

In other photographic news, some of my pictures are now featured on an interesting new website called Guess This City. It’s just sets of anonymous pictures of a city you click through, and then it tells you which city you’ve just been looking at. Can you guess which city I did? (Hint: it’s not Antlers, OK)

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  2. Even if I had not so obviously known the city, I would’ve known right away I was looking at your pictures. You have a very distinctive eye that is far and away a cut above anything else I saw on that site.

    Comment by Prince Roy — October 29, 2007 @ 10:28 am

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