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Mar 26 2006

What do you do on Sunday nights? After all the wee…

What do you do on Sunday nights? After all the weekend activities are done, and before you turn in, ready to head off to work on Monday morning, what do you do?

Dean and I spent Saturday afternoon getting a prop made over on metalworking street. We asked around and found a welder, who sent us to another welder, etc., until we found a couple of guys who could help us. As he did so, it started to rain again. It’s always raining these days.

After we were done and had had lunch, I went over to Xiamen Street to look for a mattress. I couldn’t find any decent ones, and I’ve since realized I don’t really need a new mattress just yet, as the money could be put to better uses right now.

But as of this afternoon I still hadn’t come to this realization, so I headed up to Hola to look some more, but ended up taking the train all the way out to Danshui. The reason for this was that I didn’t think I could spend all afternoon looking at mattresses, and I was planning to try out the Post Home restaurant later for dinner. I’d heard good things about the place, now called Post 49 or something, from Brian Lynch, and I figure a man of such prodigious bulk must know a thing or two about dining.

After I came back from Danshui to Shilin, visited Hola and determined mattresses are too damn expensive, I walked up Zhongshan North Road, across the bridge and over to the restaurant. I was the only diner, indeed the only one in the place except for a lone bartender/waitress. Even the kitchen seemed empty, though it was only 7 or 8pm. I found out through her that several of the items on the menu weren’t actually available. I’d been looking forward to mashed potatoes, but she reported that the stuff in the fridge didn’t actually look too good, so I’d better not chance it. I settled for chicken fingers and fries, which ended up taking quite a long time, didn’t taste good, and cost me over NT$300. I immediately regretted my curiousity and declining of my friend Michael’s dinner invitation earlier that night.

So here I am now, back home, wondering what most people do on Sunday nights, particularly cool, rainy ones. I look at the yellow lights shining out of apartment windows and think people spend the time with family more than with friends. Maybe someday I’ll find out.

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