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Dec 31 2006

And now…a meme

Prince Roy had the gall to pick me to continue this “Five things you don’t know about me” ridiculousness. I pointed out that I’ve already done a hundred of these things, but alas, his appetite for this kind of thing seems to be insatiable. Although I have plenty of potentially disturbing secrets left, I’ve been racking my brains to think of any that won’t completely alienate one or both of my readers and/or cause them to notify relevant authorities. Here are the ones I came up with:

1. I lied in a rather baldfaced fashion to a certain ROC vice premier’s face during an interview

2. My sexual fetishes make furries look like the old couple in American Gothic

3. I successfully masqueraded as a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute

4. I’ve posted a collection of nude photos of myself on the Internet

5. The fingernails on my left hand are soft, while the fingernails on my right hand are very hard.

I’m not going to tag anyone else on this meme; let it fade away on its own.

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