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Aug 24 2006

In order to clear out some space on my little came…

In order to clear out some space on my little camera’s memory card, I downloaded all the videos and found I had enough for another vidlet, this one comprised of various clips I took when romping around the island with the Muddy Basin Ramblers over the past…hmm, wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been two years since I joined the band in late summer of 2004. Anyway, enjoy the clip (about 12Mb, .wmv file…here’s the Youtube link). We’ll be getting back together for a jam at the Sandcastle this Sunday since David’s back from his trip abroad. With luck we might even get some more recording done.

My ankle’s much better after several visits to the local Chinese medicine clinic, visits that involve massage, first cold packs and then steam heat and fragrant black pastes, but I’m not sure if the powder they gave me to take after meals is making me tired, or maybe the lack of exercise, or perhaps just the strange hours I’ve been keeping. I find I tend to be more productive at night, and hardly want to do anything during the day. Perhaps I’m just working in another time zone. The more-or-less constant rain recently hasn’t really helped, either.

Prince Roy was wondering what my old apartments looked like, so I did some Wayback Machinery to find some old pictures and put them on my Places I’ve Lived set on Flickr. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze some more from the archives in the future.

And this is what I stay up til 1:30am doing. Sheesh.

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