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Aug 01 2006

I missed a call from my friend Duncan around noon …

I missed a call from my friend Duncan around noon as workers were trying to repair a crack in a wall in my apartment. He left a message to call him back ASAP, so I did. It seems our mutual friend Peter Vlach has been reported missing from a boat in Japan. Duncan got the following email explaining the situation:

News from Japan recently is that Pete has gone missing. We are trying
to contact as many of Pete’s friends as possible to keep them abreast
of the situation, but also in hopes that they might have heard
something. Here is the message we received from Saba, Pete’s

We are trying to locate Peter. On July 24th, he boarded the passenger
boat Hiryu at 8pm local time, traveling from Naha, Okinawa, Japan to
Nagoya, Japan. He was last seen at 9pm, and was discovered missing at
9:30pm. It was dark, the waves were 3′ swells, and the boat was
approximately two miles from the shore of Ie Jima island.

At this point, Pete’s parents believe that Peter died while in the water.
We hope he may be staying with friends in Japan. Could you please send
us (or call us with) any contacts you might know of Peter’s friends

This is the same Peter who was teaching me how to play a scale on his clarinet a couple of weeks ago. Now, I don’t know Peter all that well, but from what I understand from Shirzi, who knows him much better than I do, this kind of thing is far from abnormal for Peter. It’s odd, however, that someone has actually reported him missing this time, thus the cause for concern. Shirzi’s travelling with his mother, in Bali I think.

So, in short, if anyone knows anything about Peter’s whereabouts, let me know. I believe he was supposed to have returned to Taiwan today.

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  1. Hello Poagao,

    This is Lilian, a friend of Pete. I accidently found your blog when i was trying to find some news about Pete’s missing a few minutes ago.

    I’ve also written an artical for Pete on my blog (I use berrypocket as my name on my blog) (http://www.wretch.cc/blog/berrypocket&article_id=5188612
    if you don’t mind, can I use some information from this artical on my blog? I will only use the infomation when you are agreed.

    you are welcome to visit my blog if you have time!

    Comment by Berrypocket (lilian) — August 10, 2006 @ 5:07 am

  2. Sure, go ahead.

    Comment by TC — August 10, 2006 @ 5:08 am

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