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Mar 22 2006

For some reason, I’ve been living in some middle e…

For some reason, I’ve been living in some middle eastern time zone lately. Every night I don’t feel like sleeping until 2 or 3 in the morning, and then I end up feeling groggy if I don’t sleep in until 11.

Last night I had a strange series of dreams. I would have one dream in which I found I could play the clarinet quite well without trying. Then I would wake up, go back to sleep, and promptly have another dream in which I would see a clarinet, recall the last dream and wonder if I could really play it in real life like I could in the dream. I would pick up and find I could. Then I’d wake up, fall asleep again, and repeat the process. It happened many times, though in different circumstances and environments, and each time I was convinced in the dream that I wasn’t dreaming, though I knew the last dream was a dream. When I woke up I almost went over to the Sandcastle, where I know Sandman has a clarinet, and proving to myself that I actually cannot play the clarinet or any other reed instrument, but common sense soon set in.

I wonder what I’ll think I can do when I fall asleep tonight. Architecture or something, probably.

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