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Dec 18 2006

Non-filming activities

After the frenzy to complete filming for the movie before Dean left, I found myself with no more shooting to do last weekend. I slept late, a particularly comfortable experience with the lower temperatures we’ve been having lately, and then went to Bikefarm to check on Gendoyun and then went to Page One at Taipei 101 to pick up some books and a Hopper 2007 calendar. There’s something very comforting about a big, nicely appointed bookstore. Especially in bad weather, it feels like a refuge, one that could never, ever be boring.

Dean’s flight back to Canada was on Sunday afternoon, so Saturday night I went over to his place and he, Rowan and I watched TV and ate pizza for one last time. “It’s the end of an era,” I told Rowan, and he knew exactly what I meant.

Sunday was bright but cold. I spent the afternoon sipping tea at the Wistaria teahouse with Prince Roy and Spicygirl, and then took the train up to Zhishan Station to listen to David and Conor play a couple of sets at the Post Home. They served a Christmas-like dinner that were supposed to be chicken, turkey and ham but was actually ham, turkey and more ham. It wasn’t bad. David and Conor are preparing to travel to Memphis to join in a blues competition. After the show I sat around and chatted a bit, but I wasn’t really in the mood for socializing.

So that was my weekend. I haven’t had much to post lately, and might have to resort to “Cartoon Characters I find Disturbingly Sexy” or something similar in the near future to fill this space. You’ve been warned.

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