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Jul 20 2006

A few days ago I tried out the new Kodiko Restaura…

A few days ago I tried out the new Kodiko Restaurant on Ren-ai Road near the intersection with Jianguo North Road. Years and years ago I frequented a dusty bar near there called Grace’s Party, as I was friends with a waiter who worked there and liked the Spanish music they played, but that place is long gone.

Normally I would never set foot in such a classy place, but my friend Michael is one of the managers, so I accepted his invitation. Kodiko’s food is all prepared at low heat, no more than 100 degrees, with no preservatives, eggs, milk, butter or sugar. Anti-aging cuisine, they call it, and it comes at a steep price. The foyer looks like a garden meadow with butterflies flying around during the day, and a pool with Japanese fish swimming in it at night, thanks to a combination of digital projection and a motion sensor, so that the butterflies/fish flock around the feet of whomever’s walking through. It’s a pretty neat trick, and since the projection also covers a wall on the inside, the staff can see when someone enters the foyer because the butterflies/fish start acting up.

The food was pretty good, I thought. I had the steak and some chicken. The cheapest set meal was NT$1,500(!), so I doubt I’ll be going there for the odd hunger pang. The staff was polite and efficient, though. They also had banana-flavored beer, the best tasting beer I’ve ever had. Though I don’t like the taste of beer, so my judgement isn’t necessarily accurate in this instance.
Michael graciously invited us to film the dinner scene at Kodiko (Greek for “Code”, as in “The Code to Living”), so we’ll be going back, probably on one of the upcoming weekends. In any case, after the luxury high-rises across the street fill up, I don’t think they’ll be lacking customers interested in prolonging their lives while deflating their wallets.

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  1. Banana flavored beer? Hmm… that does sound interesting.

    At $1500 a meal, I can’t really see myself going there, though. I’d probably live longer by setting aside the money I save by not eating there and putting it into a fund for retroviral anti-aging therapy, once the tech exists.

    Comment by Mark — July 25, 2006 @ 3:54 am

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