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Mar 25 2005

You know, instead of rehashing yet another old mov…

You know, instead of rehashing yet another old movie, this time for laughs, how hard would it be to make a relevant, interesting movie in which Sidney Poitier and Katharine Houghton play the parents of a son who brings home the man he wants to marry?

They could call it “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Now?”

I’ll be at the Urban Nomad Film Festival tonight. They’re showing Dean’s, Paul’s and Darrell’s films tonight, and my trailer for the new Lady X film tomorrow night at 9:25, I believe. More on that at the production journal. I’m not being a good lil’ citizen and going to the “Spontaneous Show of Displeasure by the People (not a political event)” tomorrow, despite being strongly urged to do so by the entire Cabinet, because I’ve got to get ready for the shoot on Sunday, among other things. Perhaps China will rescind it’s law despite the glaring hole my lack of participation will leave.

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