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May 06 2005

When I turned on my computer yesterday, my usual Y…

When I turned on my computer yesterday, my usual Yahoo! page didn’t come up, telling me to login again. I did so, and it told me my password was incorrect.

Not again!

Yep, it’s true. I went through their password request form, only to be told by many different “customer care representatives” that my personal information, again, did not match their records. What I thought was a freak glitch in their system in January is obviously either a real and persisting problem in their system, or else someone, possibly within Yahoo itself, has access to my information and the authority to change it at will. I never got a satisfactory answer from them the last time this happened; they just fixed it and didn’t say how it had happened.

You’d think they’d have records that went back more than four months and could see that this is a recurring problem without me having to point it out.

They tell me that this is for my protection, because if they let just anyone email them and tell them that they’re me, someone could go in and, oh, I dunno, change my password. They may be right, but that tactic doesn’t seem to be working very well as someone’s doing exactly that anyway.

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