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Aug 12 2005

There’s a tropical storm sweeping through the Phil…

There’s a tropical storm sweeping through the Philippines at the moment. Normally, this wouldn’t mean much to us up here in Taipei, but for some reason, this particular storm has seen fit to send quite a bit of wind and rain our way. Like, even more wind and rain than during the last two typhoons.

Especially wind. As you can see above, umbrellas are pretty much useless, except for entertainment purposes if you get off on watching them disintegrate before your very eyes in the first gust of wind that hits it. Several trees downstairs, trees that have withstood years of typhoons, have been blown down, and walking across the suspension bridge sometimes feels like riding a bucking bronco. I can even feel the building rocking in the wind, but that may also be my imagination. I hope. The wound of the wind buffeting my windows, along with the pounding rain, is a little unnerving.

Alas, today wasn’t a typhoon day, as officially there is no typhoon, and the storm is technically still way down south. After work I met up with such personalities as Dean, David, Robyn, Lloyd, Jaques, Olwen, and Fish at the Canadian Society meeting at the Taipei Sports bar, despite the fact that most of us are not entirely Canadian. Lloyd expressed some doubts over my actual identity as an official Muddy Basin Rambler, so in case anyone out there is still in doubt:

*I hereby state that I am an official member of the Muddy Basin Ramblers(c). Paid my dues, got my card an’ hat an’ everything. What, you think just anyone can wear a cool hat?

David and Lloyd claimed nobody had ever been able to take a decent picture of them together, so I took a shot. They may have been right about that.

We were supposed to be shooting tomorrow morning, but right now it’s still blowing and pouring outside, so we may just end up rehearsing over at the Sandcastle. We’ll see what the outside world looks like tomorow morning when I get up. Hopefully a few things will still be standing.

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