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Apr 04 2005


I uploaded a tiny version of the trailer I cut for Urban Nomad up here. It’s abour 4 megabytes in size; if anyone knows how to get better compression results let me know.

Tomorrow we’re all going out to Chengchih University in Muzha to film control room and conference room scenes as well as some hallway stuff. Dean’s come up with a tight schedule which demands that I find a lot of good locations soon, including a kick-ass laboratory and a park that could be in Washington, D.C. I’ll also need a cable TV van and a white cargo van, among many, many other things. As usual, I have no idea where I’m going to get any of these things.

Tomorrow’s going to be tough because I have a bad cold and not only feel terrible, but the cold medicine I’m taking makes me a bit loopy as well.

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