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Nov 15 2005

So, the big news now is that I’m buying an apartme…

So, the big news now is that I’m buying an apartment. Buying, as in, like, becoming the owner of a small piece of Taiwan, having a place of my own, paying house payments instead of paying rent, painting my walls purple if I like…that kind of thing.

It may seem sudden, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. For one thing, I’ve become quite attached to the little neighborhood across the bridge that I live in now, and when some friends of mine told me about a place for sale literally next door, I went to see it out of curiosity. I’d seen places in the vicinity before, and they were all either way too small, way too expensive, right next to a graveyard, or sometimes even all three. But this place was ok, not too small, reasonably priced, facing away from the Karaoke Bastards but with no obvious graveyards in few, with a nice-sized balcony, one small bedroom, living/dining room, one bathroom with a real bathtub, etc. I looked into what I’d have to pay in monthly payments and it wasn’t that much more than I’m paying now in rent. So I thought, why not?

Of course plenty of reasons came to mind, but most of that was my fearmongering mind doing what it does best. It still seemed the sensible thing to do, so I did it. After forking out a few hundred thousand NT, some of which I raised by selling my powerbook and a camera lens, the rest savings and borrowings, we close in a couple of days. I’ll be leaving the Lofty Sky Palace and its wonderful views, sadly, but then again I won’t have to climb stairs inside my own apartment any more. I also won’t have to climb that little hill every day. And I’ll be able to sit out on my balcony and scare the neighbors, who won’t be able to complain to my landlord now. Ha!

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