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Mar 11 2005

Seems I’ve been pretty busy lately. The atrocious …

Seems I’ve been pretty busy lately. The atrocious weather cleared up for a bit, and everyone seemed pretty happy about seeing the sun for the first time in ages. On the subway I watched an old man walking unsteadily along when the car lurched a little. The old guy was headed straight for a pole, but he pirouetted neatly on one tiptoe, did a graceful swirl around the obstacle, and kept on walking.

This morning, however, the weather started worsening again. The wind was whipping up waves on the lake, tossing the swanboats about, cold mist came down from the mountains, and it’s raining again.

Tomorrow I’m headed off to Taichung for a couple of gigs with the Ramblers. One is at a pub in the canal district tomorrow night, and then we’re playing in the Blues and Barbeque Bash at Tiger City on Sunday. The mayor’s supposed to visit and make a speech, and there’s going to be lots of different groups performing. I hope the weather’s not too bad, and that the sound people know what they’re doing. It should be fun, though; it’s been a while since I took a road trip, even though we’re going down by train and staying in a cheap hotel.

The other day I was in the vicinity of the Estrogen Mall, my old stomping grounds, so I decided to duck in and check out the Mister Donut there. Surely, I thought, they’re not still lining up, after several months.

Eeeh. Wrong.
Even though it’s been half a year, and other stores are opening up, Mister Donut remains basically inaccessable to anyone not willing to wait several hours in line for their product, a product that was so unpopular over a decade ago the chain went out of business here.

I’m really enjoying my new place. The high ceilings feel great, and it’s nice living someplace relatively new and clean. All I need to do now is rent out the parking space and I’ll be set, at least until I have to move again. I’ll get a new page up as soon as I have some free time. Between the film, classes, work, moving, other projects and doctors appointments for my knee, I haven’t had any time at all for anything lately. I’ve neglected this account, and pictures are building up on my digital cameras, waiting to be downloaded. I should be asleep right now, as a matter of fact. So good night.

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