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Jul 16 2005


We shot some footage of Dean’s co-worker Nicolas as a French security guard on Tuesday, using the editing room in the building where we all work. The people in the department who are in charge of the place were very nice and accomodating, and it worked out pretty well. I transfered the footage to be played on the monitor to a dv tape they could play on their equipment. Dean had gone over it and made it look like a security camera.

Now, it seems that just about everyone is off jet-setting around the world for the next month. Dean and April are off to Canada, and most of the rest of the cast seems similarly occupied. What we’re going to try to take of during this period is the rooftop chase, hopefully something like the chases in the Dirty Harry Movies, but purportedly in Beijing. I have a few areas in mind to scout locations for this, but as yet I haven’t found a whole lot. If you know of any interesting rooftops in old Taipei neighborhoods that can be run and/or jumped over, let me know.

After everyone gets back, we’ll be trying to get all of Joshua’s scenes done, as he’s leaving later in the year. I’d like to get the whole thing done by the end of this year, but of course that depends on many factors.

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