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Jun 17 2005

Recently I got a new watch. The band on my old one…

Recently I got a new watch. The band on my old one was cloth and kept disintegrating in the summer heat. This wouldn’t have been a problem if getting a new band meant convincing the Casio shop to write a letter to Japan pleading for a replacement every time, and then waiting months for the thing to arrive.

My new watch is just as freakishly huge as my last one. Ever since my dad gave me an original G-shock, I’ve liked having big, solid watches I didn’t have to worry about breaking (I broke my first G-shock in the army, btw, but those were rather extreme circumstances involving crawling around in the mud with an M14 rifle). People laugh at my big-ass watches, but I’m convinced the size will come in handy someday, such as when I need to deflect a laser or knock out a guard in a warehouse.

This new watch is solar powered, which is kind of strange. A couple of times, mostly in bars or elsewhere late at night, I’ve looked down to see a completely blank display. The watch is “resting” I guess, and I need push a button to see what time it is. No biggie, just need to get used to it. Still easier than pulling out my (now nearly obsolete) phone and hoping it happens to be in the “Show time” screensaver mode. I got a marketing call today concerning 3G phones, but I’m going to wait for a phone that has a good camera and usable browsing and GPS before I trade up. Oh, and a holographic representation of whomever I’m talking to would be nice, too.

In other news, tonight is the farewell party for Hyatt, a co-worker of mine who works downstairs from me. We’re going to JB’s, where I shall strive valiantly to not eat too much. Tomorrow the Muddy Basin Ramblers are doing our last gig with Sheng Xiang and Water3 at The Wall. Come on down and see us on a real stage. I swear, what are we going to do with all that space? Maybe we can use it to stash all the umbrellas people will probably be bringing with them if this daily-deluge business keeps up.

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