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Mar 08 2005


I know, it’s been a while. Chinese New Year’s break, awful weather, people coming and going, other (paying) projects, house searching, moving to a new place, injuries sustained in moving to a new place, etc. You know the drill.

But rest assured we’re getting back into it. We’re aiming for a couple of shoots the weekend after next, and I’m working on setting up some others in the near future as well. I’m going out to Keelung on Thursday morning with Paul to check out tunnel locations. Darrel has purchased a brand new DVX100A that we can use for two-camera shots, like explosions and people falling from great heights, as well as a kind of second unit.

Urban Nomad IV is coming up later this month, and I should have a short trailer for the film to show there. Also, I hear there’s an interesting article on independent shoe-string filmmaking in Taiwan coming up in a local magazine. More on that, and other things, later.

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