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Oct 05 2005

Last month our friend and cast member Azuma announ…

Last month our friend and cast member Azuma announced his wedding and asked Dean and I to film a little video of each of us saying congratulations so they could play it at the wedding. Of course, we’re all Star Wars/Star Trek/Indiana Jones geeks, so Dean and I decided to write a little skit that involved as much geekery as possible without actually using golden idols and huge boulders, since we knew Azuma would get a kick out of it.

Here’s what we came up with. It took us an afternoon to do in a patch of jungle near Dean’s house. Shirzi helped out by acting as Sword-wielding Bad Guy with Evil Laugh. We were nearly devoured by the mosquitoes, and it was really hot, but we had fun doing it, if not carrying the stuff up the mountain.

Last weekend was the Migration Music Festival, which was fun, if not as fun as last year, mostly due to bad weather and a preponderence of accordians. Afterwards we all jammed into Peshawar and did some jamming with Tarry Bush, which was fun. We stayed into the wee hours the next morning, just as the typhoon really started to roar. Sunday was spent listening to the wind and recovering from the night before. The Muddy Basin Ramblers apparently stand a good chance of being invited back next year, which would be cool, if the weather holds anyway. Our next show will be in the late afternoon of the 15th at Treasure Hill for the Daniel Perl Day activities being held there, and then later that night at Witches near NTU. That will be a busy day. I’m looking forward to hearing Slim play his new trombone, though.

Hard to believe it’s October already. The wonderful weather has returned, though the weather bureau is pessimistic about it lasting. A week after my computer’s motherboard went, my TV died, perhaps in sympathy. It had been going fuzzy and taking longer and longer to warm up into a watchable state, so I knew the end was coming. While it kind of sucks having to shell out for a new set, at least I can get a warranty this time.

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