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May 30 2005

Just got back yesterday from a Cruise to Nowhere. …

Just got back yesterday from a Cruise to Nowhere. It’s windy up here in my apartment, a perfect day outside, just the right temperature and refreshingly dry, but the wind resulting from opening my windows has created an even bigger mess than previously existed in here. I’ll wait until it rains to clean it up. Unfortunately, I can’t just take off on a bicycle or motorcycle to enjoy the weather, as I have to go to work. Later, though.

Yesterday I ran into Sandman just as I was returning from the cruise. He was going down to take pictures of the Dragonboat heats going on at Bitan, so I went up, put my things away, and then came back down to join him and Jojo. We also ran into some of their friends as well as Liz, a woman with whom Dean and I did a play many years ago, and her daughter.

The suspension bridge was loaded with onlookers and would sway alarmingly when the boats went underneath and everyone went from one side to the other. We got some shots from above and then proceeded down to the bank to take some more after some berk went and stole Sandman’s bright red umbrella.

For my money, the Fu-ren University Team was by far the best looking team, something which may have had something to do with their winning their heat. They were dressed in red half-shirts, their rowing arms left bare. While the other teams were composed of just regular guys, the Fu-ren team seemed to all be bodybuilders or something. We still have a few weeks until the actual Dragonboat Festival itself, so I should be able to get some more pictures in the meantime.

After going shopping at RT Mart, where Sandman went crazy and bought half the wine section (actually he didn’t, but we did run into a foreign guy who did), we retired to the Sandcastle for drinking and cat-on-lap chatting action. It was then I noticed the sound of cicadas, the first I’ve noticed this year. I heard it again this morning when I got up. It’s a wonderful sound to me, the sound of everything good I remember from childhood summers.

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