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Feb 06 2005

It’s the first day of our Chinese New Year vacatio…

It’s the first day of our Chinese New Year vacation, which will last until the 14th. Most of my Taiwanese friends are spending the week with their extended families, and many of my foreign friends are off on vacation. Dean and Maurice, for example, took off today for Thailand, where Shirzi is as well. We had a bit of non-gloom this morning, but it came back around noon, and the forecast is for continued gloom and occasional despair for the next few days. One of the new pictures on my photo page pretty much sums up my mood at the moment: lanterns strung up by wires in the gloom, the whole scene poorly illuminated by a couple of streetlights.

I spent today looking for apartments, which ranged from nice places unfortunately well out of my price range to hovels so primitive I expected to see bison figures carved on the moldy walls. There’s not much chance of finding anything during the holiday, as everyone will be busy stuffing their faces and playing Mahjong, but I have to be out of my lovely apartment by the 20th, so I have to try anyway.

I’ve also added a new page to the site, indicated by the whiskey jug in the menu at right, for The Muddy Basin Ramblers, just to use until the group gets its own domain. I’ve put up some quotes about the band from various media as well as mp3s from our last performance. If everyone agrees, we might put up some photos, member info, history, etc. in the future.

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