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Nov 28 2005

I’m all moved in, basically, and though I’ve done …

I’m all moved in, basically, and though I’ve done a little cleaning up, it’s still got a long way to go. I set up my TV and DVD player, put some things in the fridge, and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen a little, but just about everything else is still packed away in a mountain of boxes that makes the place feel really small. In fact, after the Lofty Sky Palace, it almost feels cave-like –a new name? The Water-curtain Cave, maybe? Hmm, I can hear the plumbing rather well– but that makes it sound worse than it is, really. The real test will be how well my neighbors can hear my shenanigans, i.e. DVD-watching and music-listening, and if they do, whether and what kind of fuss they’ll kick up about it. I can hear their goings on in their kitchen pretty well, but it doesn’t bother me particularly, but I don’t know how well they can hear me.

Today was a beautiful day, just as it was over the weekend, which helps a little as I’ve been feeling pretty down lately. On Saturday evening I went with Chris and Slim to a Thanksgiving dinner at their friend’s house. The place was near Wanlong MRT, the usual older apartment inhabited by foreigners. It had rounded walls, a narrow hallway and strangely sloping floors, but it was neat to the point of spartan standards. Jazz music played on the DVD player. The meal was delicious, real turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, ham and pumpkin pie with kahlua-flavored whip on top. It really hit the spot, and I felt a bit better afterwards, if a bit too full and full of resolve to eat better after that little lapse.

The weekend was otherwise filled with looping on Saturday during the day and filming all day Sunday. We finished a sequence, but I can’t capture the footage until my computer’s all set up again and my hard-drive returned from Nam’s care, where it’s been for the past week while Nam tried to find something wrong with it to explain why it’s been acting up. In short, I didn’t get much of an opportunity to just rest up, and it’s difficult to do when everything’s in boxes and the mattress is on the floor. I’ve got a long list of things to do, like changing the locks, getting natural gas pipes hooked up, cleaning rugs, unpacking, etc. It’s probably good to keep busy, as long as it’s at my own pace.

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