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Jun 10 2005

I was waiting for a friend in front of the big Mit…

I was waiting for a friend in front of the big Mitsukoshi building near the train station. A lot of people choose that area to meet up, and every so often one or two people would approach, meet up with someone who had been standing there, and take off, talking about what they wanted to eat. One rather tall guy was approached by a smallish woman wearing bright green. She marched right up to him and said, without any kind of salutation, “Did you bring the coupon?” The guy apologized when he answered her demand in the negative, wincing as he did so. It was immediately apparent why: the girl launched herself into the guy, both physically and verbally, pummelling him and shrieking. Everyone in the area, including me, stepped back lest we be inadvertantly hit. I looked at the girl, wondering if she knew I understood what she was saying, but I guess it didn’t matter to her what anyone thought of her. Suddenly wandering over to take a look at the new Apple minis in the store next door seemed like a good idea.

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