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Dec 12 2005

I was all ready to have another delicious meal of …

I was all ready to have another delicious meal of curry chicken or pork chop from my favorite shop under the train station this afternoon on my way to work. When I rounded the corner, however, I was confronted with a definite absence of curry shop. In its place was a cookie shop. Nobody in the area knew where the curry shop had gone. Damn, I loved me that curry. Sometimes sushi just will not do, and it was one of those days.

The weather hasn’t been helping, either. After a deliciously sunny musical weekend in Meinong, we arrived back in Taipei Sunday night to find cold, wet, windy conditions. Depressing. At least my new apartment seems to be comfy enough in the cold, no drafts, keeps the warmth in fairly well. I took some pictures, but my computer is demanding that I insert the original software disc for my camera, which I seem to have misplaced in the move, so uploading from that camera is problematic. It’s just as well, as the place is still kind of a mess (I really wish Google would come up with a “household search” function so I could type in “keys” and get the answer “Under the red candle on the coffee table”).

Still lots to do. Sandman and Jojo are off on a European Christmas tour, so I’ll be looking after their house and Xiao Laohu, their cat, while they’re gone. What I’ll really be doing, of course, is eating everything in their pantry while watching Sandy’s entire Audrey Hepburn DVD collection. Hey, Sandy!

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