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Feb 23 2005

First post from the new place. My old place is emp…

First post from the new place. My old place is empty, just like I found it. It’s odd to walk through those empty rooms, footsteps echoing, and think that nobody will ever know what went on there but me. I miss it already.

The new place is still a mess, boxes and things strewn everywhere, but I’ve managed to make some progress. My old landlady won’t give me my deposit back until I clear out all of the garbage from the old place, which isn’t going to be fun. It’s all in bags, of course, but I have to lug it all down to the main road for the garbage trucks on Friday. My knee doesn’t seem to be getting better; in fact my other leg’s getting tired and sore now for some reason, so I suppose I should see a doctor.

Fireworks have been going off down at the bridge all night, and everyone’s holding little lanterns for Lantern Festival. I had dinner at the vegetarian Buddhist place downstairs. A grey striped cat, almost a kitten, was running around the place with a bow tied to her collar. Her fur was very soft, and she was curious about everything. Outside the full moon was shining through the clouds a bit. Very nice. I took a few pictures, but it will be a while before I get the place in good enough shape to do a new “This is Where I Live” page.

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