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Dec 08 2005

Apparently the man who was shot to death at the Mi…

Apparently the man who was shot to death at the Miami airport by air marshalls lived right across the street from where I grew up, in Maitland, Florida. Lou Gunther, the neighbor mentioned in this Orlando Sentinel story, was our next-door neighbor. From the story, it sounds as if the guy was perfectly normal and for some reason wasn’t able to take his meds that day. What a horrible chain of events. Sure makes me think twice about trying to travel anywhere within the US by plane in this post-9/11 environment.

I am traveling this weekend, but not by plane. The Muddy Basin Ramblers are taking a bus, along with a couple of other bands, down to this place in Meinong for a Hakka festival of some sort. We’ll be playing a concert on Saturday and holding a workshop on Sunday, and then coming back that night. It should be interesting; I need a break, and hopefully the weather down there will be a bit more cheery than we’ve had up here in Taipei for the past week.

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