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Absolutely Not Your Monkey

Mar 24 2005

According to the Chinese horoscope, tigers and mon…

According to the Chinese horoscope, tigers and monkeys don’t really get along. Here’s one reason why. (embedded video via Mefi). One of my professors in college was a tiger, and we got along just fine, as long there was a tree nearby.

In addition to the constant flow of “Official calls for everyone to protest China’s law” stories lately (apparently the president is going as well; is anyone going to be actually running things that day, besides Mayor Ma, who’s already getting flack about it?), I’ve noticed another trend accompanying it, i.e., the “Don’t worry about China attacking” stories. Such as this one. And this. And this and this. Why does the local press feel the need to report these stories every day? Hopefully it’s just a political thing, to make people feel more at ease going to the rally everyone’s supposed to go to. Otherwise, I’d be wondering just what they know that we don’t. If it involves naked kiddie butts, I’d rather not know at all. Good lord.

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