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Mar 18 2004

(update: broken links should work now) Want to …

(update: broken links should work now)

Want to see a bit of the rally that kind of got me into trouble? Here ya go, in easily consumable vidlet form, even. I also added a link to ULead, since all the Vidlets are edited with MediaStudio Pro 7, kindly donated by the people at ULead. Editing systems are all kind of similar, but the main advantage of MSP7 is that it recognizes the .avi files my Canon takes, while Premiere 6.5 doesn’t. I have yet to try Final Cut Pro 4 in this respect.

I’ve been keeping busy filming corporate interviews for the past few days, and I still have several more to go. There’s one tomorrow in Taichung, which should be a nice chance to get out of this crazy town for a little while. I really need to make some new namecards and set up a more professional and less personal alternative to this site.

In other news, I’ve learned that “the other American immigrant” I’ve been hearing so much about is actually Robin Winkler, an environmental lawyer whom I contacted a year or so ago concerning my book. He lives in Taipei, is quite a bit older than me and only just immigrated, though he’s lived here for a bit longer than I have; apparently he can’t vote yet and at 50 is well past the military draft age. I suppose there will be more and more Western immigrants to Taiwan as time goes by, though I’ve only heard of a handful so far. For some reason everyone assumes we all must know each other.

People are adorning their cars and scooters with political flags, and both parties have people out on the streets handing out brochures, shouting slogans, or yelling at groups of office ladies…oh wait, that’s just the crazy guy down on the corner.

At the shoot today there was a large hunk of crystal in the office in question. It was on wheels, so I tried to move it to improve the shot, but I couldn’t budge it. I thought I must be really out of shape until the owner told me it weighed nearly 900 pounds. My question is, what’s the point of the wheels? In the end it was easier to just move everything else in the office.

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