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Jun 29 2004

Typhoon Mindulle is currently knocking around the …

Typhoon Mindulle is currently knocking around the ocean, looking for a way past Taiwan’s typhoon shield. I’m convinced that this shield is generated by the incredibly-waterproof Nike Air Pegasus shoes I bought a couple of years ago after literally months of solid rain. Apparently Nike did such a good job of waterproofing these shoes, they actually repel water to such a degree that even typhoons are forced out of their normal, predicted paths and away from circumstances that would adversely affect the dryness of my shoes. Therefore, ever since I bought those shoes, Taiwan has experienced unnaturally dry weather, with every single typhoon veering away and long droughts every year resulting in severe water shortages. If Mindulle gets through, it will be the first typhoon to do so since I bought the shoes, surely a sign that my shoes are weakening in their old age and will not hold up under severe weather. Well, they are over 2, which is 112 to you and me.

No word on the housing situation. At the very worst I can just pay more rent for the next year. I had wanted to get a new computer but it looks like that will have to wait.

Dean and I met up last night at Bob and Dave’s for some cider-tasting and conversation. We’re working out the script for the sequel to Clay Soldiers, and I have to say I’m pleased with what we’re coming up with. Whether we’ll be able to pull it off is another question entirely, but at least we’ll have fun trying.

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