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Nov 26 2004

‘Tis the season for money spending, it seems: -…

‘Tis the season for money spending, it seems:

-My computer has a new motherboard and CPU after I had some problems with the fan of the last one. It makes an appreciable difference in the amount of gore I can distinguish as I play Doom 3.

-I am now again officially camera-equipped. After a short purchasing drama last night, I traded in my old Nikon FM2 and lenses for a Canon 20D. It’s a big-ass mofo of a camera so I don’t know if I’ll be able to have it on me for every photo opp I come across, but damn is it nice. For everyday stuff, I broke down and got a replacement for the S300 I sold to Sandy a while ago. It’s tiny. So, you see, I’m compensating in both directions. Make of that what you will.

One of the guys at the store had heard of me, which was wierd because another guy on the fancy new pedestrian overpass on Zhonghua Road had recognized me from the Next article I was in last year. It was quite awkward, as I never know quite what to say when someone’s standing there looking at me expectantly, like I’m supposed to be entertaining or something.

I came across the work of Ruben Fleisher a while back in the form of this video, which I really like. In fact, I like just about all of his music videos, and even a couple of his commercials. Can’t say the same about his short films, though. Ugh. Dude’s house is kick-ass, but damn, who chose that color?

Shirzi’s up in Taipei waiting for his flight to the US, so he’ll be staying at the Poapad for a few days. He, Dean and I are going to discuss some movie stuff tonight after work. Hopefully I won’t get too sloshed in the process.

Winter arrived today, by the way. Yesterday it was summer, warm, sunny, all that, but we skipped straight to fall today with the whole depressing cold drizzle bit.

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