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Apr 22 2004

Three years ago about this time I had recently ret…

Three years ago about this time I had recently returned from a trip to San Francisco with a crazy idea for a website for my photography, and, possibly, one of them blog things. Two years ago I was putting the finishing touches on the damn book. A year ago it was published, and also about that time I came across a little online movie-making challenge called Lady X.

One interesting thing that happened recently involved my meeting a guy named Steve Chicorel, who works with Roger Corman. He was in town looking for shoestring directors, and I heard from Corbett via Sandy that he was interested in talking with me. So I called up Dean and Mindcrime. Two hours later we were all sitting at Corbett’s place, called The Living Room, pitching ideas around with Steve, who took a copy of Clay Soldiers on DVD back with him to present to Roger, along with a little Terracotta soldier as a kind of gift. I have no idea what the result of all this will be, but it’s cool to know that Roger Corman actually watched our little film.

Other stuff’s been going on, of course. It just hasn’t been described here…yet. I thought I would have an answer to the question Just What Do I Want From This Site by now, but alas, no. I’m still wondering. But it’s ok; there’s no deadline, and the space is here if I want it.

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