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Nov 01 2004

The radio show on Sunday went off without too many…

The radio show on Sunday went off without too many hitches. We were rather rushed getting ready -my fault as the film shoot went later than I had expected. From the end of the shoot to the beginning of the radio show it was a mad rush putting film stuff away and getting radio show stuff out and arranged. Still, we managed to start on time, more or less. The music went ok, the actors were great and, with the exception of my completely forgetting to make the phone ring sound when I was supposed to, the sound effects were perfect. Will really did a good job as the announcer. Sandy was positively bubbling with excitement and eagerness to do another show, soon. I also think it would be cool to do more shows.

Afterwards we sat and listened to Zoe, Duncan and another guy whose name escapes me at the moment play really cool trio music, including “Heartbreak Hill”, “Jerusalem’s Ridge” and “Gypsy Dance”. By the way, I can find none of these songs anywhere online.

After that, Jez took us on a walking tour of the area around Wenzhou St. and Lane 76 which was actually a search for Bongo’s Restaurant, supposedly the home of exceptional fish and chips as well as good burgers. Eventually, after much griping about how cellphones, in this day and age, remain without map-generating GPS technology, we found it. Although the wait was cruel and long, the fish and chips were extraordinarily good. I had thought that the now-defunct Mr. Fish had good fish and chips. They did, but now I know where to find even better stuff, with putine on the side. Unfortunately it was too late by then to do any jamming, so we just scoffed at the people who are still lining up at Mister Donuts, a full month after the place opened. I told Jez I really wanted to go up there and get people on camera saying exactly why they were willing to wait 4 or 5 hours for donuts. I’d also like to ask the people who run the store why they’re not doing something about the situation, and whether they realize that as soon as the fashion fades, they’ll have lost not only the teeny bopper market, but also the people who might have actually gone there for donuts on a daily basis. Somehow, I doubt they do.

In other culinary news, it was a beautiful day today and I happened to be in the area, so I decided to try out the hot dogs at the much-acclaimed Gusto, near Da-an Park. Unfortunately it was closed, but while I was in the area I did happen to run into my old landlord, from back when I was living in the Sogo Locker.

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