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Jun 08 2004

The latest Annette Lu says something completely da…

The latest Annette Lu says something completely daft story comes from San Francisco. Something tells me we can’t just treat her like this guy.

A smallish typhoon is on its way here from just west of the Philippines. So far this year’s weather has been pretty normal, in contrast to the last few years of crazy weather.

In other news, a sample of the new ID cards is out. What’s with the trend to make everything uglier? The new money has consistently been far uglier than the bills being retired, and now this weak-ass ID design to replace a perfectly good original design. Sure, update the security, but why make it uglier? When will Taiwan’s asthetic sense recover from the tailspin that started in the 80’s? Sure, martial law sucked, but at least it wasn’t tacky.

I’m renewing my passport this afternoon; hopefully it won’t come back with bright orange-and-purple striped cover or something, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

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