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Apr 01 2004

Sorry about the site being down for so long; I ran…

Sorry about the site being down for so long; I ran over my bandwidth allowance for last month and haven’t the guts to upgrade my provider service.

I’ve also been rethinking this whole blogging thing. I read through my archives and discovered that my entries used to be a lot more interesting than they are these days. It seems like my life was more interesting back then, in the giddy early days of the new century. My attitude was different as well, but something happened over the nearly three years since I began this account. Well, many things happened, but one of the things I think made a difference was adding comments and taking this thing too seriously. Seemingly innocent comments on here became a big deal.

It sucks when something happens to you and the first thing you think of is exactly how you’re going to blog it and what people will think. My friends cultivated a love/hate relationship with my blog, fer crying out loud. And all the time I was thinking about that, I wasn’t getting anything else done. Granted, most of this happens at work when I have nothing better to do, but it seems like my whole attitude has changed.

In short, I’m sick of caring about it. I’ve lost focus. I still need a little time to reconsider this site’s purpose. Originally it was just a place I could put up some photographs for people to see, but almost three years and over 150,000 visits later, it’s become something else, something that is taking more of my attention than it deserves. And the last three years haven’t been the most productive for me. Do the math.

So I need to strike out in another direction, somehow. I’ve taken down the comments, but I’ll keep this page up, for now until I figure this out. Whether that includes occasional blogging or not, I’m still not sure. Maybe I should get a new domain name nobody knows of and resume blogging without all of the nasty real-life consequences. Or maybe I should quit altogether. For all I know the best thing would be to forget the Internet, move to Istanbul and play my trumpet in the streets for crazy hat money.

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