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Oct 04 2004

Mister Donut opened on Friday. I suspected it woul…

Mister Donut opened on Friday. I suspected it would be a madhouse for at least the first couple of days, but when I saw how fine the weather was on Sunday, I figured I might as well go take a look while I was in Tianmu to get some western goodies.

It was a madhouse, of course. The front was roped up like the front of Pirates of the Caribbean, and the line stretched a block away. It didn’t seem to be moving very fast, either; a sign just a few feet from the store read “180 minute wait from this point”. One staff member estimated a four-hour wait from the back of the line. I asked another staff guy when the next Mister Donut was opening, but he didn’t understand me. It turned out he was Japanese, here to supervise I guess. After we switched to English, he said the next store was opening in November, but he couldn’t say where. I’ve heard rumors that it might be inside the Estrogen Mall. I mentioned that I remembered the previous Mister Donuts here, and the guy said I must have been here a very long time to be able to recall that.

The reason the line was moving so slowly was customers being apparently overwhelmed with the vast array of unfamiliar products. I wasn’t about to wait four hours for a donut, so I went to the window and took some pictures of the interior as well as a part of the selection. Looks pretty good. I’ll go back in a week or two after the hubbub’s died down a bit.

By the way, the selection of foreign yummy things is still better at the tiny Wellman’s Market on Zhongshan North Road than the huge Jason’s Market chain. I went to the Jason’s at the Takashimaya Department Store and found nothing but outrageously expensive “lean cuisine” frozen dinners and confused Taiwanese shoppers buying, of all things, instant noodles. They did have plenty of chaos on hand, however, thanks to mini shopping carts for the kids…not the best idea for a store crowded to over capacity.

Earlier this evening I met up with a group of friends at the newly hip ‘n trendy Q Bar and Restaurant. They’re planning to put on an old fashioned radio horror story for Halloween, complete with period dress and props for sound effects. Could be interesting.

The weather’s been great recently, pleasantly cool and relatively dry. There’s still typhoons out there waiting for a shot at us, though.

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