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Jun 30 2004

Looking for some extra income by renting out y…

Parking space for rent

Looking for some extra income by renting out your living room as a parking space, but don’t want to hire a pesky construction expert? No problem!

Actually, this house was sideswiped by a sidewalk-project, and the owners are no doubt looking for ways to turn wall-lessness lemons into parking-lot lemonade.

Yesterday was spent at a large collection of bars and restaurants. After work Kirk and I had lunch at the Italian Curry place next to Grandma Nitti’s. It wasn’t bad; I’d say it was on par with Pasta Mio behind Dan Ryan’s, but I like the environment at Pasta Mio, which has cats, better. After lunch we went for crushed ice on Yongkang Street, and then to the new Rainbow-flagged bar near Shi-da, where Kirk and I scavenged each others’ iPods for stuff we liked. Then we went to a place Kirk described as a lesbian bar. The decor reminded me of a 60’s hippie cave, complete with what appeared to be bongs decorated with fuzzy, ornate fittings. When we ordered, I said I’d have some kind of fruit-based cocktail, and Kirk ordered the same, with a Mango bong on the side. Apparently you can smoke fruit. I had no idea. After our orders arrived I sampled some of the Mango bong, and found it was quite nice. All the time we were there an orange cat kept escapting and being brought back in by various members of the staff. Or it could be I imagined the cat. You just never know when you’re smoking a mango bong.

In other news, I added a few more photos to my photo page while I was going through and removing Counted links from all my pages. I have over 150 photographs up here now. The site needs a major overhaul, not just the occasional tidying-up I give in now and then. Perhaps some time when I’m feeling more interested in the general revamping of websites.

My shoes appear to still be strong enough to fend off typhoons, as Mindulle seems to be veering off, just as every other storm that was supposed to hit us has, despite expert predictions to the contrary. Any evil scientists out there interested in changing the world’s weather to suit some mad whim? Let’s see some checkbooks. Quick, before it starts raining.

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