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Sep 26 2004

Last night before rehearsal at Dave’s house, I…

Dave, Sandy, me, and Conor

Last night before rehearsal at Dave’s house, I got a chance to transfer some of the pictures Robyn took at the Living Room performance onto my usb drive. It was dark, so the pictures are a bit grainy and blurred where there’s movement, but they came out pretty well. Robyn got some interesting angles, such as our reflection in a mirror and on the TV set outside. Most of all, she seemed to be able to catch glimpses of people’s emotions pretty well. Damn, I look almost happy.

Now, as then, there’s a typhoon passing to the north, so it’s rainy and gloomy again. Last night on the way to Dave’s I saw a family having its moon festival barbeque early, seemingly in preparation for several days of moonless nights due to the storm. Looming around the area looking for scraps were a couple of black cats with startingly beautiful green eyes.

Why so many typhoons, you ask? Well, I have to admit, I finally went and got some new shoes after the typhoon-defeating magic of my last ones failed. Unfortunately, I forgot that I was wearing my nice new thick socks from Costco when I tried them on, and they are a size too large. If you want some black leather size 11 Nike Air Jordans, let me know, and I’ll hook you up.

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