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Mar 04 2004

I’ve updated the photography page with eight new p…

I’ve updated the photography page with eight new pictures, and there’s also a new Vidlet I did during the CF shoot late last month. A first-edit of the spot is playing on TV and online now, I found out this morning after some friends called to tell me that I had all the principles of a mollusk (I’m expecting many more such calls, actually). I lost my cable TV recently, but to be honest I’m not in a great hurry to get it back. The ad is a bit more political in nature than I had imagined, but that was to be expected, or would have been if I had any sense. What’s next on my list of Principles to Undermine? Perhaps a 10-page spread in Barazoku?

In other news, last weekend I met Tall Paul and Darrell at Grandma Nitti’s to catch a glimpse of the actors they’ve chosen for their next project, Above and Below. They read through the script and seemed to be doing a fine job. Later Darrell and I met James, who drove up to Xizhi to check out his setup, which is very nice. He has all kinds of equipment and is looking for ways to use it. It was very nice and quiet up in the mountainside community where he lives, though many of the buildings up there were painted in a rather bizarre fashion. Traffic was heavy with blossom-watchers drunk on the sudden spate of hot weather, but there are far worse places to be stuck in traffic than on a scenic hillside.

Now, of course, it’s cold again. I saw Lost in Translation last week and enjoyed it. It felt a lot like Happy Together to me, which is a good thing as I liked that movie as well. Both films had little dialogue and an abundance of feeling. Lost in Translation was full of shots of Tokyo on the other side of hotel windows, making the characters seem trapped, and Bill Murray’s humor was desperate and cutting. All in all, a nice little film.

Speaking of films, the Urban Nomad Film Festival sneak preview party is tonight at The Wall, located in the basement of 200 Roosevelt Road, section 4, at 8 pm. Theoretically they’ll be showing clips from films on the schedule for UNIII, including a little 30-second preview I made for Clay Soldiers. That’s another thing I should put up here, by the way.

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