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Jul 05 2004

It feels like the last day of school around my wor…

It feels like the last day of school around my workplace these days. Our cute widdle Energy Commission is being upgraded into the large, imposing Bureau of Energy. So, this being a government project, everyone has to move their desks two inches to the right, paint them blue, and turn their computer monitors 42 degrees in a clockwise direction.

I’m kidding, of course; if only it were that orderly. In reality, everyone’s moving their desks to new places, but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Stacks of books and folders are everywhere, and the cleaning women have their work cut out for them. The new boss was walking around the other day and dropped into our office. Everyone in the room stood up, except for me, of course. The chief thanked me for doing my job, and I said no need. I’m relatively unaffected by this change as I am not officially part of the Energy Bureau. Therefore I am one of the few people (hopefully) keeping my desk in it’s original position.

The other night I made a visit to the Sandcastle; Sandy and his bandmate Tim were jamming along to old jazz DVDs, so I brought my trumpet along. Over the course of the evening several other musically inclined individuals showed up, and we had a great time playing, drinking, smoking and eating over the next several hours. It’s been ages since I jammed with a group instead of trying to keep up with a Carlos Santana or Wynton Marsalis CD at home; my range is shit and my endurance nil, but it was great fun; I hope to do more of it.

My landlords, old and new, are getting together this Saturday to sign the papers. The realtor said I should be there, and I fear they’re going to make me sign a bunch of papers then instead of when my lease is actually up in August. Perhaps I’ll try to negotiate a better deal for my place. We’ll see.

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