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Jan 29 2004

ICRT has a petition to return Star World to cable …

ICRT has a petition to return Star World to cable TV here. I don’t think there’s much hope, but you can give it a shot if you like. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, mostly Discovery Channel or news, and the odd pan-and-scan travesty HBO or Cinemax puts on. It’s odd to think we all got so excited when HBO came out back in the 80’s. (My GOD, I can watch “Porky’s” on TV!) My dad would tape movies from it on extended play so that he could fit three movies on one VHS tape. The quality was awful, but we didn’t care back then. Imagine what we’ll be caring about in another 20 years.

The gloomy rain continues, although it’s not quite as cold as it was. I enjoy going out on my balcony and listening to the sound of the rain on the trees covering the mountainside, the smell of wet foliage and the watery sounds the birds seem to make when it rains. I’m still very happy with my apartment after six months of living here. After discovering how nice it is to live out here and how little of an inconvenience it is to go into the city, I think that even if I had to move I’d look for another place either out here, in Muzha or even up north (though it’s pricier up there).

I took a trip downtown today to run some errands and see a movie (Brother Bear….don’t ask), and I was surprised at how different the crowd demographics are from where I live now. I honestly think it’s unhealthy to live in the area around Sogo, as it gives one a rather skewed view of things. I realize that staying in any one place too long might have a similar effect, but it’s just so strange and unrepresentative over there that I would think it would cause an even larger distortion than most places between the real world and bizarro-model-runway-land.

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