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Mar 12 2004

I was talking with someone this afternoon when the…

I was talking with someone this afternoon when they asked me when I was heading to Kaohsiung. “Huh? Why would I be going there?” I asked. It turns out that the China Times is reporting that I am a featured speaker at a DPP rally down there tomorrow. This comes as a complete surprise to me, of course. Someone from the DPP did call me the other night to ask me for some kind of statement of outright support for Chen Shui-bian, but I declined. But for them to put my name on their roster’s a bit much. I think I’m going to have to have a word with these people. Tomorrow’s a big Pan-Blue rally/march/demonstration/pajama party, but I’ve already made plans to go look for glide-cam materials at B&Q with Dean, after which I’m going to go look at some blue screen stuff with Tall Paul and Darrell.

Yesterday Dean sent me the graphic he made for the Clay Soldiers DVD cover, and it looks great, very professional looking. Now I have it up on my shelf right next to “You Only Live Twice” and other spy-ish DVDs.

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