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Jul 16 2004

I was heading up the escalator after just getting …

I was heading up the escalator after just getting off the MRT at the Zhongxiao-fuxing Station this morning when I heard someone yell, “What, can’t I even take a train?” I looked over and saw a large policeman blocking a small, bookish-looking man.


“Where do you work?” the cop demanded, but instead of answering, the little man tried to make a break for it onto the train. The cop grabbed him and hauled him back, repeating his question.


It was at that moment I realized I was standing on the left side of the escalator, and in my gawking I forgot that I was supposed to be walking, so that a long line of people had formed behind me. Fortunately they were gawking as well. It isn’t often you see a scene like that here, and I wonder what was going on. Was the cop being an asshole? Was the little guy some kind of mainland spy? I guess, barring an expose in the Apple Daily, we’ll never know.

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