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Feb 23 2004

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on the…

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday working on the Blue Moon spot. This involved getting up way too early in the mornings and missing several meals. One day was spent shooting interview stuff in my much-rearranged living room, another riding around Yangmingshan with a camera strapped to my motorcycle’s handlebars, and the third day filming me crawling around in the dirt in an army uniform with an automatic rifle. The crew was really good to work with; everyone was really into their work, and I think I’ve made some valuable contacts in the industry here with the experience. They had a lot more equipment than I’m used to working with, which made me feel kind of proud that we accomplished as much as we did with what we had on our last project. I took a couple of small videos with my little Canon and will have a small vidlet of the experience up here as soon as I have enough time to put something together.

Dean’s birthday party is this Friday at the usual Indian restaurant, and he is working on a Dean’s Birthday Edition DVD of Clay Soldiers to hand out. Some features are going to have to wait until we get more material together and learn how to do certain things with the DVD authoring programs, but it should be a lot nicer than the very basic DVD I put together with Darrell a few weeks ago. I also need to get the film to the Urban Nomad people in time for the festival next month. And we need to start work on the series finale.

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