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Jan 03 2004

I had loaned my Band of Brothers DVD set to Kirk a…

I had loaned my Band of Brothers DVD set to Kirk a while ago, but he never watched it. I know how he feels. Band of Brothers is one of the best pieces of entertainment out there, but the way it was marketed made it sound more like “Saving Private Ryan: The Miniseries”. That was why I wasn’t particularly interested, so I can understand why Kirk didn’t want to watch it at first. After seeing one episode on HBO I went out and rented the DVDs. Then I bought the set and watch it all front-to-back on occasion. I wonder if it would have gotten more recognition if it hadn’t been for Saving Private Ryan.

“You never even tried to watch it, right?” I asked him.

He shook his head and said, “How did you know that?” I knew it because if he had looked at even a part of one disk, he would have wanted to watch the whole thing. So I put the first disk in, turned on the Chinese subtitles, and we watched Part 1.

The next afternoon I got a call from Kirk. “I just finished the series,” he said. “It took me ten hours, but I’m done. But I might want to watch it again.”

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