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Nov 02 2004

I got a visit from Amway this morning. I’d bought …

I got a visit from Amway this morning. I’d bought a product of theirs on the recommendation of my friend the bwg. Afterwards, I got The Schpiel, which was actually quite entertaining. After the Amway rep had finished cleaning several small spots of my kitchen with the Amway Everything Cleaner, we progressed to the Tooth Care section of the program. This involved rubbing toothpaste onto a piece of cardboard. “See, our brand is better than Darlie!” the girl said. Ah-HA, I thought, Darlie SUCKS! So I brought out my brand (Colgate), which managed to pass the test of sticking on her finger, but still took some of the paint off the cardboard, which is apparently not a good thing.

My dishwashing liquid, however, failed miserably. The shame! Still, all was not lost, as there are several two-inch patches of my countertop and toaster oven that will not need cleaning for several weeks.

The Amway rep finished by showing me pictures of her co-workers on (free!) vacations in Alaska wearing shiny necklaces and holding champagne on a cruise ship, mentioning that they made twice my salary.

“Sounds horrible,” I said. I was expecting a laugh or at least puzzlement, but she just kept going. At least, when she wasn’t being interrupted by the nearly constant ring of her cellphone.

The price of a glamorous Amway lifestyle, I guess.

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